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Fragrance: Oriental floral scent

Fragrance composition: orange rose musk woody fragrance:

Attribute: Female Fragrance

Fox: a princess symbolizing a clever elf

Unlike the princess we have in mind, in this perfume, you don’t have any sweetness at all.

The bitter oranges are mixed with musk and woody aromas, showing that she has received strict nobility since she was a child

In higher education, every word and deed is elegant, and there is a feeling of asceticism. Rose

Join to show her femininity, and the freshness of orange oil hints at opportunities under dogma

The spirit’s unfettered rebellious heart, like a fox, is not easy to catch its cunning,

In this series, as the daughter of Duke George and Mrs. Blanche, it’s not hard to think of picking up

What kind of discipline are you receiving? But the contradiction between abstinence and liberation makes her very attractive.

It means something to refuse and welcome.

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